HUP-ZAGREB and CROATIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION signed a collaboration agreement


HUP-ZAGREB and CROATIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION signed a collaboration agreement

Zagreb, 8th December 2016 Chairman of the Board of HUP-Zagreb Mr. Andjelko Leko and President of the CROATIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION Mr. Davor Šuker, today in Zagreb signed a collaboration agreement, under which has HUP-ZAGREB agreed to provide the accommodation of teams and officials during the European Under-17 Championship, that will be held in Croatia in 2017.

Croatia will for the first time host such an event, the finals of the European Championship for younger. The event will, according to the new system that has been implemented, include as as many as 16 of the best European teams including the Croatian cadets.

Andjelko Leko, CEO of HUP-Zagreb, before signing the contract stated "This contract is a continuation of a successful cooperation between HUP-Zagreb and the Croatian Football Federation that lasts more than 20 years. Our hotels have for many years been the home of the best national football teams and officials, serving them as a base from which they moved onto achieving historical results, not only in sports but in so much more, making the whole Croatia proud. We are confident that this agreement is the continuation of a successful cooperation and HUP-Zagreb will do everything, as it has so far throughout the engagement of its resources and expertise of its employees, to assist in making this event a truly memorable one for everyone, contributing directly to the growing recognition of Croatia and Croatian sports in the world. "

The official hotels for the teams and the officials during April and May 2017 will be HUP-Zagreb’s Panorama Zagreb Hotel and Sheraton Zagreb Hotel. Panorama Zagreb Hotel is the most recognizable national hotel in the sports world.

 Photo source: Croatian Football Federation