Zagreb is a Central European city with a rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and modern lifestyle; a city that tells a unique story, interesting to any visitor. Many traditional buildings, vivid architecture, beautiful parks in the city centre and lots of greenery, ensure a unique experience in a setting that leaves any visitor breathless. Thanks to the very welcoming and friendly citizens, discovering Zagreb and everything it has to offer is a true pleasure.

Zagreb, the newest star on Europe’s tourist map, is the centre of Croatia’s business, cultural, and political life. Zagreb’s history can be seen in its arhchitecture, numerous monuments, museums and galleries, and through various cultural events. Zagreb’s cultural scene includes 19 theatres, 24 museums and 65 galleries. Sightseeing activities range from exploring parts of the old town and a trip to Kaptol and the Zagreb Cathedral, to a bike ride around Lake Jarun and Bundek or a visit to the Maksimir Zoo. Apart from the sights in the city centre, Zagreb has an exciting night life, an abundance of coffee bars and terraces for coffee lovers and a wide variety of popular brand stores. Flagship stores of world renowned brands can be found around the downtown area of Ban Jelačić Square as well as in larger shopping centres located just outside the city.

HUP-ZAGREB hotels all have prestigious positions, in the city centre, close to all main sightseeing points, restaurants & bars, companies’ headquarters and foreign company branch offices. All hotels have parking areas for their guests and are well-connected with public transport.

Zagreb city

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