Bussines results

Our business results
HUP-ZAGREB Inc. over the years continues to maintain the same level of progress and profit in business, and is expected to do so in the upcoming period.

Since its establishment in 1948, HUP-ZAGREB Inc. has continuously introduced innovations in its hotel business by investing in its facilities, improving the quality of services and hiring expert and professional staff. Over the many years of development, and in collaboration with Marriott International Inc., a leading global hotel group, HUP-ZAGREB Inc. has enriched its services & facilities, consequently enriching the tourist offers of both Zagreb and Dubrovnik. International standards, the strong drive for excellence, and long-term investment strategies define this company as a leading catering and hospitality group in Croatia.

Future investments
HUP-ZAGREB Inc. follows the market developments of the global hotel industry and stands out as a stable and competitive company with a positive turnover. Further development is based on new investments, and the main goal of the company lies in not only meeting, but exceeding guests’s expectations and needs, while satisfying the interests of all employees, business partners and shareholders

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